PSIA LogoAll our instructors are talented skiers and teachers and are very motivated to ensure your success. We use the latest teaching methods from PSIA (the Professional Ski Instructors of America) and AASI (the American Association of Snowboard Instructors).

For your knowledge, our customers are not the only people that take ski clinics. Our instructors take lessons on a regular basis in order to stay on the forefront of teaching and skiing. The training staff for our ski school is anchored by a group of six individuals who are on the education staff for the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA). A position on the education staff is not an easy one to achieve. They must first reach national level III certification, which is the highest level attainable in the United States. Then they must go through a multi-day tryout based on skiing ability, teaching ability, communication skills and interpersonal skills. If selected, they then go through a multiple-year training program before they are considered examiners themselves. (It is a rarity in ski schools across the United States to have that many education team members on their staff. This attests to the first hand information and cutting-edge training you will receive in our ski school).

In addition to those six examiners there are additional trainers that are also Level III certified. This entire training group works very hard to help our ski school staff be prepared and do the best job they can to help ensure your success in achieving your goals.

The instructors at Perfect North Slopes use the American Teaching System. This system is the one used nationally throughout the United States. So you are able to take the lesson you received from us and continue anywhere in the country.

So whether you are new to the sport or a veteran, we can help you enjoy the sport more. As we all know, even pro-athletes have coaches, so why not you! When it comes to your ski and snowboard goals let the instructors at Perfect North Slopes help you achieve them.

Our staff is constantly training and working to offer you the best learning experience possible. So take advantage of their knowledge to improve your experience at Perfect North Slopes.