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Skiing and snowboarding are all about having fun! 

That is why we have a great staff of Snow Pros whose focus is to help your children have fun on the slopes. Whether they are new to the sport or are experienced skiers/snowboarders, we have trained instructors who can take any child to the next level. 

Check out all the options we have for you and stop by the Snow Sports School Office to learn more and schedule a lesson today! 

Children’s Daily Lessons

Self-guided, group and private lessons are available each day we’re open. Lessons are offered to kids ages 4-12 years old at the top of every hour, starting at 10:00 AM and last 50 minutes.
Lessons are subject to instructor availability. 

Discover Snow Sports Self-Guided Area

  • Available for FREE with every valid lift ticket purchase. 
  • A self-guided, self-paced beginner area designed to help get you moving in the right direction – downhill and in control.
  • Work through the different stations as many times as you want. We’ll even have a few instructors available for questions and learning tips.
  • The Discovery Area is available to anyone with a valid lift ticket purchase. Please make sure you have proper ski/board equipment when in the Discovery Area. 

Instructor-Led Children Lesson Options

Child's Beginner
Group Lesson

50-minute lesson
$ 20 Ages 4-12
Ages 13 and over: $10
  • Available at the top of the hour beginning at 10 AM
  • Kids new to the sport or need assistance stopping and turning
  • Learn the basics of equipment use, moving and sliding
  • Group learning environment with fun activities

Child's Next Step
Group Lesson

50-minute lesson
$ 40 Ages 4-12
Ages 13 and over: $20
  • Available at the top of the hour beginning at 10 AM
  • Help kids refresh and improve their beginner skills
  • Discover linking and changing the size of your turns
  • Introduction to riding the Green chair lift
    if the group can make slow, controlled turns

Rent An Instructor
Private Lessons

Ages 4-6 - 50-minute Lesson
$ 80 Ages 4- 6
Ages 7-12: 90-minute lesson option: $120
  • Lessons based on instructor availability
  • Focused 1:1 attention for your child's skiing/boarding improvement
  • Friends/Family want to stay together and learn together
    Kids ages 4-12 can be grouped up to 4 with an instructor
  • Working on specific disciplines like terrain park and racing

Daily Lesson General Information

  • Valid Lift Tickets and Equipment are required for  the Discovery Area and Group/Private Lessons
  • All lessons are subject to instructor availability
  • Daily Group Lessons begin at the top of the hour, starting at 10:00 AM and run until 8:00 PM Sunday through Thursday, and 10:00 PM Friday and Saturday
  • Lessons meet at the Beginner Area. Look for the blue “Lessons” flag
  • The Discovery Area is available to anyone with a lift ticket purchase


Children's Ski and Snowboard Season Programs (Add On to Season Pass)

Stay up to date for the 2024/2025 season program information:

Registration for children’s programs requires pre-registration information. Please use the Profile Manager to make sure all information for your child is correct. This must be updated before you can purchase any of the children’s programming.


Our Children’s programs are designed to help your child embrace skiing and snowboarding for a lifetime of healthy fun. Our professional instructors are highly trained in helping children excel in snow sports. In this progressive lesson program, your child will build the fundamental skill set that will help them master the slopes and take their skiing and boarding skills to the next level.

Skiers and boarders participating in the Perfect North Slopes Children’s Programs have the opportunity to choose from the following options:
Doodles Ski & Board Program (6 Consecutive Weeks)
Available for children between the ages of 4 and 13, of beginner to intermediate skill levels. The focus of Doodles is building the fundamental snow sports skill set for beginner through intermediate level skiers and boarders. This class is designed for kids who want to establish/improve their general skiing/snowboard ability, safely push their limits and most of all have fun! 
Introduction to Freestyle – Terrain Park Program (3 Consecutive Weeks)
Available for children between the ages of 8 and 13, who are intermediate to advanced skiers/riders and can comfortably make controlled turns down blue/intermediate terrain without stopping. The Terrain Park program is the perfect for kids interested in establishing or improving their terrain park/freestyle skills.
During this program, the kids will spend a portion of the lesson each week working on their free skiing/riding technique outside of the terrain park, and the other portion of the lesson will be focused on terrain park etiquette, freestyle safety, small jump take-off and landing, sliding boxes and rails, etc.
*Personal Ski or Snowboard equipment and helmets are required for the Freestyle Program. (Ski and Snowboard rental gear is not allowed in the terrain parks)
Introduction to Racing Program (6 Consecutive Weeks)
Available for children and adults ages 7+, who are intermediate to advanced skiers/riders and can comfortably make controlled turns down blue/intermediate terrain without stopping.
Intro to Race is a recreational program designed for both new racers who are interested in establishing their racing skills. Participants will improve their general skiing/riding ability, become more comfortable on a race course, and learn techniques used by PSIA/AASI and the US Ski Team. Training will consist of technical free skiing/riding with an instructor, as well as gate training.  With participants grouped by similar age and skill levels, racers may use this as a stepping stone from recreational into competitive racing.
*Participants must be at least 7 years old, able to ride chairlift by themselves and ski/ride intermediate terrain in control.

Advanced Race Programs

Children’s Lesson Program General Information:

  • Equipment: Helmets are strongly recommended for all Lesson Programs, and required for the Freestyle Program.
  • Children must be at least 4 years old by January 1, 2025 to participate in the Doodles lesson program.
  • Season Passes and rentals are not included with the Children’s Program and must be purchased separately.
  • Limited spots are available, so please register early. 
  • Ski or Snowboard Classes meet on your pre-selected day of the week.
  • Any missed lessons are forfeited – no make-ups are available. 

Tips For Parents

Prepare kids for a great experience on the snow! Introducing children to skiing and/or snowboarding early opens a world of adventure, fun and memories. Consider purchasing a lesson for your child or children. Take advantage of our trained instructors, who specialize in teaching children. They will be forever grateful when they become adults!

To prepare for a great day on the snow, follow these tips:

  • Do Your “Homework.” Before your visit and lesson, familiarize your child with the resort. Visit the resort website. Look at the trail map.
  • Try on Clothing and Gear at Home. Do a clothing and gear trial run a day or two before the first lesson. Make sure you have everything you need and that everything fits. Put the clothing your child will wear in one pile. 
  • If you have ski or snowboard equipment at home, help your child put on the boots and stomp around on carpet. Attach the boots to the skis or board and let your child practice some simple sliding, either on carpet or outside on snow or grass.
  • Be sure to use appropriate ski and snowboard equipment. Skis, Snowboards, and Ski Blades must have metal edges and be approved for “ski resort” use. If not, check our website for information about rental equipment.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that all children wear helmets while skiing or snowboarding. Make sure the helmet fits correctly – it is not something they should “grow into”. Ask our Rental Shop or Loft Shop Staff for help in choosing the right size helmet on the day you are visiting Perfect North Slopes.
  • Protect children from the sun.  They should wear sun protection, even on cloudy days.  Kids should also have sunglasses or goggles with them. 
To help overcome any pre-lesson anxiety, follow these tips:
  • For young children, the first ski or snowboard lesson can be stressful, especially, if your child doesn’t know what to expect. It’s kind of like the first day of school, in a new town. Your child may have questions or fears, but not verbalize them.
  • Some of the things your child may be thinking are “Will the teacher be nice?” “Will the other kids be nice?” “Can I do this?” “Where will my parents be?” “When will you pick me up”?
  • Talk About It. Discuss with your child what to expect from snowsports school. Help them understand that although there will be students and a teacher, snowsports school is not like regular school. It’s more like recess all of the time.
  • Explain that the instructor helps kids learn about their equipment and how to move on skis or a snowboard. Emphasize that the lesson is all about having fun — BIG fun!
  • Visit Before Class. If you can, visit the snowsports school before the first lesson. If your child doesn’t want to go inside, just walk by and get familiar with the school’s location. If your child is willing to go in, introduce yourself and your child to the staff. Ask any questions you both have and take a look around.
  • Go over the “Responsibility Code” with your children.  Describe it in an age-appropriate way, so they are able to understand what it means.
  • Check the Weather. Dress your child for the coldest weather of the day. It is better to remove and stow a layer, than to not have enough clothes. Dress in layers, wear a hat, gloves or mittens (mittens are usually better for kids), a waterproof jacket, waterproof pants and long, thick socks.
  • Bring Extra Socks and Mittens.  Bringing extra socks and mittens is a good idea. These are the items most like to get wet. And if they get wet, your child will get cold.
  • Be ready to go! Remember that your child will need fuel for all the fun they are going to have. Eating and drinking before you arrive will help them “fuel up for the FUN”!
  • Arrive Early. Get here a bit early. If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit the snowsports school, getting there early allows your child time to pick up equipment, use the restroom and have a snack before the lesson.
  • Meet the Instructor. Meet the instructor when you drop your child off at the lesson meeting place. Introduce yourself and your child. Even if you’re anxious, appear relaxed and confident. Never say anything in front of your child that could shake her confidence (i.e., “Sophie is really nervous about ski school.”) Set a positive tone for the day.
  • Be on Time. Be on time, or early, to pick up your child. Arriving promptly for pick up will allow you some time to talk to the instructor after the lesson.
  • Get a Full Report. Find out where your child skied and what your child learned. Ask the instructor to recommend some runs for you and your child to ski/ride together. Celebrate their successes!
  • Keep It Fun. While you may be really excited to ski with your child immediately after a lesson, make sure your children are willing to ski some more. If he is tired or hungry, take a break, have lunch or a snack. Then when you head out on snow, let your child take the lead, set the pace and show off what he learned in his lesson. Avoid the temptation to suggest new and harder terrain immediately after a lesson.
  • Be aware of your child’s physical, emotional and mental energy levels. Stop skiing/snowboarding and come inside for a break as many times as needed, depending on your child.  For example, if the clothing layer next to their skin stays wet and they’re chilled, if they’re injured, have a problem with equipment or even if they’re simply worn out.
  • Make a meeting place if you get separated, and be sure your child can easily get to the meeting place on their own.  If they are not able to memorize your phone number, write it down and put it in their pocket.  Tell your child to look for a Perfect North Slopes employee if they get separated from you.  
  • Be aware of the snow conditions and how they can change throughout the day (e.g., As conditions turn firm or icy, skiing/snowboarding gets harder and faster.) Kids performance can change based on the snow conditions. E.g., stay on shallower terrain as the runs become icy on a cold day or evening. Begin each run slowly, so you can assess the conditions.  Check out our daily Snow Report for information on conditions.
  • Cheer them on! Everyone likes to be encouraged. 😁

Children Lesson FAQs

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Lets hope they match.

Lessons for both skiing and snowboarding start at age 4.

The number(s) per group vary based on the type of lesson and the age of the child or children you wish to enroll.

  • Helmets are strongly suggested for all children.
  • Layers are advised so they can add or remove them if need be as children can get cold quickly.
  • The glare from the snow can be strong, even on cloudy days so make sure they are wearing sunglasses or goggles at all times and are wearing high SPF suncream on any exposed skin.
  • Check they have their lift pass secure, i.e., a jacket pocket, before you leave.
  • Please place a card in a zipped pocket with your full name and phone number on it.

This is a tricky one as no two groups are the same and they progress at different rates. Four- to Six-year-olds will not need poles, but for all other groups your child’s instructor will be able to tell you if and when they might use them. It is normal that beginners may or may not use poles in their initial lessons.

Our instructors are very used to teaching children’s lessons and realize that they can get tired or cold easily. They will take that into account when planning their lessons. If however the child or instructor feels that they are unable to continue with the lesson we will contact you and ask you to pick them up. Please make sure you carry your phone during the timeframe that they are in the lesson.

The cornerstones of our lessons are ‘Safety, Fun and Learning’ and so we always look to achieve all three.  It is a given that the safety of the kids is of the utmost importance and we look to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that children learn in a safe way appropriate to their abilities. It is important to us that we foster a love for the sport and so we also feel it is important that the lesson is enjoyable for the child. Challenging activities, activities that require concentration and coordination and tasks that are fun in order to develop enthusiasm, confidence and enjoyment in each individual.

Your child’s safety is our primary concern and we have procedures in place to ensure they stay safe and enjoy their time on the snow with us.

We also utilize a wristband system for all children ages 4 – 12 years of age.  You will receive two wristbands for each child you sign up for a lesson. One wristband will stay with you and the other will be attached to your child’s jacket. We ask that whomever picks up the child or children has the wristband(s) with them and can show them to the instructor during pick up.

We don’t offer any full day children’s group lessons.

We recommend that you arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your lesson, that way you’ll have adequate time to move through our ticketing and rental process.

If the children are the same age and level, they can most likely be in the same class. Otherwise, classes are designed to best serve and teach each child according to their ability.

We encourage you to give yourself enough time to pick up and put on your child’s equipment prior to your lesson, especially during holiday periods.

Ski and snowboard staff CAN NOT administer injections/medication to children. If the event of an emergency, the members on the National Ski Patrol at Perfect North can assist with medications if it is not expired and the child’s name is on the medication.

Yes. staff makes sure to obtain a phone number where the parent or guardian can be reached while the child is in lessons.

Please remain on-site at the resort while your child is enrolled in a lesson program.

Tips for instructors are given at your discretion.

If they are ready for the lift, we will teach them.

Give us a call! We’re happy to help. Phone: 812-537-3754

Perfect North Snow Sports School is a PSIA/AASI (Central Region) Education School.

Learn more at thesnowpros.org