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Develop Your Snowsports Community

Perfect North Slopes is dedicated to growing winter sports activities through your school or community.  With your help, we believe that we can continue to introduce new enthusiasts into a healthy winter activity that is fun for everyone.  Club Sponsor Registration is now live!

Benefits of Sponsoring a club:

  • Discounted Pass pricing and club options 
  • Clubs receive 30% off passes
  • Exclusive Club Lesson programs
  • Sponsor rewards for gaining a minimum of 15 passholders
  • Qualify for a free season pass or in-house debit money!

Ready to start your club?

You need a minimum of 15 pass purchases through your club store 

Fill out the registration form below

Update: 12-1-23 – Club registrations are still being accepted, but please be aware that passes are currently 10% off and lessons are no longer available for purchase

Already a club sponsor?

Registration is complete for the 23/24 season!

For additional questions and to be added to the club sponsor mailing list please contact our Groups Sales & Club Coordinator (812) 537-3754 ext. 1291