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How are RFID cards different?

All season passes will be “direct to lift.” Place your pass (alone) in your jacket pocket and ski or ride right to the access gates at the bottom of each lift. Wait for the gate to recognize your pass; once it opens, ski or ride through to load the chairlift.

All lift tickets will be “direct to lift,” as well. Complete an online waiver and purchase your lift ticket online. Once you arrive, visit the kiosks outside the West Lodge to redeem your QR confirmation. Scan the code to receive the RFID card, then place your pass (alone) in your jacket pocket. Ski or ride right to the access gates at the bottom of each chairlift, then wait for the gate to recognize your pass. Once the gate opens, ski or ride through to load the chairlift and have a great day on the snow!

These RFID cards are meant to add ease to the lift ticket and season pass experience. Keeping your RFID card in a dedicated pocket throughout the winter, or even just your day on the slopes will help keep the lift loading quick and easy!


DO verify that you are carrying your own RFID media card. They are non-transferable.

DO reload tickets onto your RFID media card online to save time and money.

DO save your receipts as proof of purchase of your RFID tickets or passes. You will need the QR code on your confirmation email to pick up your media card at the kiosk.

DO wear your RFID media card alone in a jacket pocket.

DO complete your ticket / Season Pass waiver before your first visit. Season Pass RFID cards will not be valid until there is a signed waiver on file. Complete waiver HERE

DON’T forget, lose or damage your RFID media card. There is a $5 fee to replace daily lift ticket RFID media cards and season pass RFID media cards. 

DON’T punch a hole in your RFID media card. It will destroy and deactivate the media card.

DON’T place your RFID media card in your pocket with a cell phone or credit card.

DON’T carry multiple RFID media cards on your person when approaching the Axess gates.

DON’T let someone else use your RFID media card. You will lose your access privileges.

What does the RFID media card look like?

While your RFID media card looks different than your old season pass, it is even more powerful! Each media card has an embedded antenna and serialized microchip, which registers with the “Axess” brand gate when you approach the lift.

Will RFID media cards be used for Daily Lift Tickets and Snow Tubing Tickets as well?

YES. All lift tickets will be loaded onto RFID media cards, and once you have an RFID media card, there is no need for you to go to a ticket window again. 

Can my RFID media card survive going through the laundry?

Most likely. RFID media cards are designed to survive normal wear and tear, including going through a wash cycle. However, the silver stripe on season passes is thermally activated and it can be affected by extreme heat. If this occurs and you cannot read the webcode number on your media card, or if your media card does not register through the Axess gate, please return it to a ticket window for replacement.

Will RFID technology interfere with my other wireless technology?

No. The radio frequencies used by all manner of electromagnetic devices are specifically assigned by federal and international regulatory agencies to help ensure that no interference occurs.

What do I do if I lose my RFID media card?

Please visit the ticket office in the West Lodge and we will deactivate your RFID media card so it cannot be used by anyone else. If you need to get a new RFID media card, you will be charged a replacement fee.

Can I carry multiple RFID media cards through the Axess gates, such as my child’s media card?

No. Carrying multiple RFID media cards can affect their readability. You should carry only one RFID media card through the lift Axess gates, and that RFID media card should be yours.

How does Perfect North Slopes know my RFID media card belongs to me?

Perfect North Slopes has a photo associated with our season passholders and passholder information. This photo displays at the lift each time you pass through the Axess gates, so don’t let other people use your media card because YOU will be the one who loses your access privileges.

Where should I carry my RFID media card?

For most people, you should carry your RFID media card in a jacket pocket. Taller or shorter people may want to wear their RFID media card a little lower or higher, so that it passes between the reader panels at each gate. Be sure to keep your RFID media card in a pocket by itself, separate from any metallic or foil items that disrupt readability, such as cell phones, loose change, etc. Please note, you should not carry multiple Perfect North Slopes RFID media cards or RFID media cards from other resorts as this affects their readability and may cause the wrong ticket or pass to be read.

What information is stored on my RFID media card?

The microchip in your RFID media card contains a unique serial number called a webcode. The webcode is associated with the ticket or pass you buy. No personal information is stored on the RFID media card, but the webcode does relate to your customer account.

Why RFID media card and Axess gate technology?

The most important reason is to improve your experience at Perfect North Slopes. RFID media cards give you hands-free access to the lifts, so you don’t need to fumble around to present a barcode/paper ticket each time you ride a lift. Also, once you have your RFID media card, you can reload tickets online whenever you want to visit.

Will my RFID media card interfere with other RFID products?

No. The unique embedded microchip of your RFID media card is specifically registered to Perfect North Slopes. Because your media card can only be used at Perfect North Slopes, it does not affect the performance of any products you might have. That said, we do specify that you do not carry two Perfect North Slopes or other resort RFID media cards at the same time as this can adversely affect their readability.

Should I keep my RFID card? 

Yes, Please hold onto your RFID card from your initial visit for any future days on the snow, reloads or future season passes. 

Can I punch a hole in my RFID media card to attach it to a lanyard?

No. You must never punch a hole in your RFID media card as this destroys the operability of the embedded antenna and microchip. RFID media cards should be worn on your left side at upper arm height. The RFID chip in the pass tells the lift systems who you are and opens the gates that allow entry to chairlifts. It also tracks your movements on the slopes. You will be charged a fee each time you forget your season pass or pay a fee if lost. If you lose a daily ticket, you will also be charged a replacement fee.

Can magnets destroy my RFID media card?

No. The information stored on the microchip of your RFID media card is not affected by magnetic fields.